Food and Parenting

Good Morning all my lovely readers!! (Hello? Is anyone out there?) I just had the most wonderful breakfast! Why? Two reasons: my toddlers requested it and they helped me make it. I feel as though there is controversy in feeding techniques when it comes to children. Everyone knows kids are PICKY and will absolutely refuse … Continue reading Food and Parenting


Gender Roles: Toys and Clothes

EDIT: I actually wrote this last night and forgot to post. Ooops. I am writing this after a long day, so please excuse the ramblings 🙂 The other day I saw a shirt that said "Trucks, Superheroes, Dinosaurs, #BoyMom"... ummm what? This to me is implying that only boys like trucks, superheroes, and dinosaurs. But … Continue reading Gender Roles: Toys and Clothes