Mommy and Daddy

Hi Everyone!

Ok, sooooo this entry was written last week but it has taken me this long to post. Sorry!

So, my kids have 2 mommies. But all of the tv shows, cartoons, nursery rhymes, etc. that they watch have a mommy and a daddy. They usually say baby and mommy if it’s just one “adult” present (animal or person). Well, K2 is now saying daddy if there is a second adult. We have never taught them that word because they don’t have a daddy, but they have heard it on tv. They each have two piggy banks (total of 4) so there is two babies and a mommy and a daddy. Hmmmm. Umm no! It’s two mommies!

No matter how many times I try to tell her it’s two mommies, she keeps reverting back to daddy. I don’t blame my baby, I am not mad at her. If she wants a mommy and daddy piggy, it’s fine, although it does sting a little.

I am hating the day my baby asks me where her daddy is and not because she is genuinely curious, but because society has told her she must have a daddy.

I hate that my babies don’t get to see two mommies on tv. It’s like all those photoshopped supermodels, you are telling young kids what they should look like and what their families should look like.


Everyone is different and some people have one mommy or one daddy or two mommies/daddies or none of each or whatever other mixture. When are we going to showcase different family types in children’s oriented media? When are we going to stop telling our children what “normal” is? When are we going to have multiracial families, families of color, and different family dynamics?

I stopped having a daddy at 9. I hated seeing families with daddies on tv. It wasn’t my family. I knew why I didn’t have a daddy. We will have to explain to our babies why they don’t have one. We will also have to explain to our children that babies aren’t always made the “traditional” way. So, when our kids learn about the birds and the bees, it will most likely be different than their peers. We will not lie to our kids. We will tell them why their hosuehild is different. We will tell them babies are made when a sperm fertilizes an egg (although medical technology is changing this) whether it was done during intercourse or by medical professionals (like them) or somewhere inbetween.

At this point all we can do is try to show our kids that all families are different, even if our media doesn’t always show it. I want to encourage parents (especially those in a mom/dad household) to introduce your kids to different family structures. You never know when your child will encounter someone with a different  family than them.




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