Hi Everyone!

This blog was born because of my twin toddlers. Life is hard; and with children, your life completely changes and you are faced with new difficulties, with twins, your life is not your own anymore and a new world is born. A world of love, tears, kisses, ouchies, and so much more. It is amazing to view the world with new eyes, with their eyes. This blog is in response to that. It will be filled with stories and observations of daily life with twin toddlers.

Let me quickly introduce the people behind Mommies and Babies Galore.

Once upon a time two girls found each other, they fell in love, got married, and grew their little family. Elaine and I (Yojana) have gone through a lot, like any other couple, but one thing that was not the same was our baby making process. I will explain this process in another blog, but for now, let’s just say we overshot it and got two for the price of one. KK were born (for security reasons I will not post their names but refer to them as KK, K1 and K2) and my life as a stay at home mom began.

I love to craft, whether it’s paper cutting, painting, drawing, working with adhesive vinyl, or just making a mess. I have not decided if I will include my crafts in this blog, about they will definitely overlap at times.

Thank you for joining me in this rollercoaster of life. If you read this or anything else, please leave me a comment so I know I’m not alone.



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